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Glass of the Sultans

Five Thousand Years of Glass

The Arts of Fire: Islamic Influences on Glass and Ceramics of the Italian Renaissance

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Glas in Mittelalter und Antike

Venice and the Islamic World, 828-1797

While enamelled metal drinking-vessels date back to Antiquity, I am not sure how early the first pieces of enamelled glassware appeared. These pieces are almost always drinking-vessels – though the shape and the decoration styles vary greatly. There are also several mosque lamps done in this style (these may be broken out into their own linkspage at some point in the near future).

The links are divided up by the region of origin (which work out to be roughly chronological clusters). Here are some more links on enamelling and glassworking. You can emulate this sort of decoration relatively easily if you'd like to paint your own feastware.

SYRIAN ENAMELLED GLASS, including Syro-Frankish ware



  • Betrothal goblet with a man and lady and inscribed scrolls (and a goat), made in the mid-16th century
  • Beaker with a man and a lady and inscribed scrolls, mid-16th century
  • Ewer with a man holding a banner, second half of the 16th century (also here and here)


Armorial Designs (Wappenglas, Wappenhumpen, etc.)

Imperial Eagles (Reichsadlerhumpen, etc.)

The Prince-Electors (Kurfüstenhumpen, etc.)

Biblical Scenes

  • Covered tankard with Herod executing children, made in northern Bohemia (?) in 1578
  • Beaker (Stangenglas) with the Annunciation, made in Bohemia in 1592
  • Cobalt-blue beaker with Elijah in the desert, made in northern Bohemia or Saxony in 1599
  • Glass with the Adoration of the Magi, made in Bohemia in 1604

Hunt Scenes (Jagdhumpen)

Other Scenes with People

  • Glass with ladies and gentlemen and an inscription, made in Bohemia in 1586
  • Glass with couples and musicians, c. 1590 (also here, here, here, and here)
  • Glass with a couple amongst oversized foliage, made in Germany (?) in 1590
  • Covered glass (Stangenglas) with a man riding a horse, 1597 (also here, here, and here)
  • Cylindrical glass with a scene of student life, Bohemia? c. 1600
  • Glass with ladies and gentlemen, 1604 (also here and here)
  • Glass with a lady and gentleman, Franconia, 1610 (also here and here)
  • Goblet with ladies and gentlemen and an inscription, made in Bohemia in 1613 (also here, here, here, and here)
  • Beaker of the Guild of Smiths & Locksmiths, made in Bohemia or Central Germany in 1614
  • Tankard with landscape and seated figures and heraldry, made in Silesia in 1616 (also here)

Other Designs